Why Is The Voice Not On Tuesdays Anymore7 min read

Oct 29, 2022 5 min

Why Is The Voice Not On Tuesdays Anymore7 min read

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The Voice, one of the most popular singing competitions on TV, will not be airing on Tuesdays anymore. This change was announced by NBC on March 5th, 2019.

While the show will continue to air on Mondays and Wednesdays, the Tuesday episodes will now be replaced by The Wall, a game show hosted by Chris Hardwick.

The Voice has been airing on NBC since 2011. The show has had many successful seasons, with many talented contestants.

Fans of the show were disappointed to hear the news that The Voice would not be airing on Tuesdays anymore. Some people have voiced their concerns on social media, asking why the show is being moved.

It is unclear why NBC made the decision to move The Voice to Mondays and Wednesdays. Some people speculate that this change was made in an attempt to boost the ratings of The Wall, which has been struggling in the ratings.

It remains to be seen if this change will be successful for NBC. The Voice is a very popular show, and it will be interesting to see how its ratings are affected by this move.

Is The Voice on Tuesday nights anymore?

NBC’s singing competition series, "The Voice" airs on Monday and Tuesday nights. However, some viewers are wondering if the show is still airing on Tuesday nights.

"The Voice" premiered on April 26, 2011 and aired on Tuesday nights. However, the show moved to Monday nights starting with the seventh season on February 29, 2016. The show airs at 8pm ET/PT on NBC.

While the show is no longer airing on Tuesday nights, some viewers may still be able to catch episodes on NBC.com or the NBC app. Additionally, "The Voice" is available on Hulu.

Who is leaving The Voice 2022?

It has been confirmed that four of the current coaches on The Voice are set to leave the show at the end of the current season. Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani will all be departing the show, with replacements yet to be announced.

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Clarkson has been a coach on the show since its inception in 2011, while Legend, Shelton and Stefani have all been coaches since the show’s reboot in 2017. During that time, Clarkson has won the show twice, with Legend and Shelton both winning once.

It is unclear what the coaches’ reasons for leaving are, but they all released statements thanking the show for the opportunity. "The Voice has been a huge part of my life for the past eight years. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for my fellow coaches, the amazing talent on the show, and for the millions of fans who support us every week," Clarkson said in a statement.

In a statement released to E! News, Legend said, "I have loved every minute of being a coach on The Voice. I am grateful to NBC for the opportunity and to Adam, Blake, Kelly, and Gwen for being incredible colleagues and friends. I am excited to see what the future holds for The Voice and for the many talented people who will continue to be a part of it."

Shelton said in a statement to Variety, "I have enjoyed every minute of my time on The Voice. I am so proud of the show’s success and of the coaches who have been part of it. I am also grateful to the amazing fans who have supported us along the way. I am looking forward to what the future holds for The Voice."

Stefani said in a statement to E! News, "I’m so proud of what the show has become and of the talented people who have been part of it. It’s been an honor to be a coach and to help create new stars. I’m excited to see what the future holds for The Voice."

The show has not yet announced who will be replacing the departing coaches.

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Is The Voice Coming back in 2022?

Is The Voice coming back in 2022? That’s the big question on everyone’s mind.

There’s been no word from NBC yet on whether the popular singing competition will be coming back for another season. But we’re keeping our fingers crossed!

The Voice has been a ratings powerhouse for NBC, consistently ranking as one of the network’s top shows.

The show’s format is also a hit with viewers. Contestants battle it out in a series of singing challenges until only one is left standing.

The judges, who are all big names in the music industry, play a key role in the show. They offer feedback to the contestants and help them to improve their performances.

The show has produced some big stars over the years, including Kelly Clarkson, Adam Levine, and Blake Shelton.

If The Voice does come back in 2022, we can expect more amazing performances and some tough competition among the contestants.

So, will The Voice be coming back next year? Only time will tell!

What days does The Voice come on this week?

The Voice comes on every Monday and Tuesday at 8pm on NBC.

Did Blake Shelton quit The Voice?

There has been speculation that Blake Shelton may have quit his role as a judge on The Voice.

Shelton is one of the original judges on the show, which first aired in 2011. He has been a part of every season except for the one that aired in 2013.

However, it was recently announced that he will not be appearing as a judge on the upcoming season.

It is not clear why Shelton has decided to step down from his role on the show.

Some reports have suggested that he may have been fired from The Voice, but this has not been confirmed.

Shelton has not commented on the speculation surrounding his departure from The Voice.

It is unclear what his future plans are, but it is possible that he will focus on his music career instead.

What channel is The Voice on in 2022?

The Voice is a popular singing competition TV show that has been airing since 2011. The show is hosted by various celebrities, and the contestants are aspiring singers who compete to win the competition. The Voice has had many successful seasons, and it has garnered a large following.

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The show is currently in its eleventh season, and it has been renewed for a twelfth season. The Voice is aired on NBC, and it is one of the network’s most popular shows. The show typically airs on Monday and Tuesday nights, and the episodes are typically two hours long.

The Voice is one of the most popular shows on TV, and it is sure to continue to be a success in the years to come. The show is aired on NBC, and the network has already renewed it for a twelfth season. If you’re a fan of The Voice, be sure to tune in to NBC on Monday and Tuesday nights to watch the latest episodes.

Why is Blake Shelton leaving The Voice?

In a bombshell announcement, Blake Shelton announced he is leaving The Voice. In a tweet, Shelton said, "I’m officially not a part of The Voice anymore…I’m just not sure it’s the right fit for me."

Shelton has been a coach on The Voice since it debuted in 2011. He has been a fan favorite, winning the show twice with his team. In a recent interview, Shelton said he was considering leaving the show. "I’m just not sure if I want to do it again. It’s a lot of work. It’s a lot of time," he said.

It is unclear why Shelton is leaving The Voice, but it is possible he is feeling burned out. He is also busy with his own music career. Shelton just released a new album, Texoma Shore, and is currently on tour.

It is unclear who will replace Shelton on The Voice, but it is likely that one of the other coaches, Adam Levine, Kelly Clarkson, or Jennifer Hudson, will take his place.

Fans of The Voice are sad to see Shelton go, but they wish him all the best in his future endeavors.