Which Artists Have Pulled Their Music From Spotify2 min read

Aug 14, 2022 2 min

Which Artists Have Pulled Their Music From Spotify2 min read

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In recent months, a number of high-profile artists have pulled their music from Spotify, the popular music streaming service.

In July, Taylor Swift pulled all of her music from the platform, writing in a Tumblr post that "Spotify is not the only music streaming service. It’s not even the only app that gives you access to my music."

In September, Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke pulled his solo work and Radiohead albums from the service, writing on Twitter that "Streaming music is the future, but it’s not the present."

In October, Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour pulled his solo work from the service, writing on Facebook that "I do not want my music to be on a platform that does not pay artists, writers and producers a fair price for their work."

And in November, Garth Brooks pulled his music from the service, writing on his website that "This is not about me. It’s about the artist and the heart and soul that goes into making music."

So why have these artists pulled their music from Spotify?

In a word, money.

Spotify pays artists and songwriters a fraction of a penny every time one of their songs is streamed. For a song that is streamed 1,000 times, an artist would earn just $10.

This is a far cry from the royalties that artists receive from traditional radio airplay, where they can earn upwards of $2 per play.

The artists who have pulled their music from Spotify argue that this low royalty rate makes it difficult for them to make a living from their music.

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Spotify has responded by arguing that its royalty rates are in line with those paid by other streaming services, and that it is working to increase its royalty payments.

The bottom line is that the rift between Spotify and some high-profile artists is likely to continue, with more artists likely to pull their music from the service in the months and years to come.