What Songs Did Lady Gaga Sing At Super Bowl5 min read

Nov 25, 2022 4 min

What Songs Did Lady Gaga Sing At Super Bowl5 min read

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Lady Gaga headlined the Pepsi Zero Sugar Super Bowl LI Halftime Show. She sang a mix of her old and new songs, including "Bad Romance," " Poker Face," "Telephone," "Just Dance," "The Edge of Glory," and "Million Reasons."

What songs did Lady Gaga perform at the Super Bowl?

Lady Gaga headlined the Super Bowl LI halftime show on February 5, 2017. She performed a total of nine songs, including five from her latest album, "Joanne."

The set list for Gaga’s halftime show was:

1. "God Bless America"

2. "This Land Is Your Land"

3. "Poker Face"

4. "Telephone"

5. "Just Dance"

6. "Bad Romance"

7. "Born This Way"

8. "Million Reasons"

9. " Gypsy"

What songs were sung during Super Bowl halftime show?

The Super Bowl halftime show is always one of the most anticipated performances of the year. This year, it was no different. The halftime show featured Justin Timberlake, and he did not disappoint.

He kicked off the show with his hit song, "Rock Your Body." He then went into his song, "SexyBack." He then sang his new song, "Supplies." After that, he went into his hit song, "Mirrors." He then sang his song, "Can’t Stop the Feeling!" He closed out the show with his song, "Cry Me a River."

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The halftime show was definitely a crowd favorite. Justin Timberlake put on an amazing show and had the crowd dancing and singing along the whole time.

What songs were sung at the beginning of the Super Bowl 2022?

The National Anthem and God Bless America were both sung at the beginning of the Super Bowl 2022. The anthem was sung by singer Jackie Evancho, while the song was sung by actress and singer Laura Benanti.

Did Lady Gaga do a Super Bowl halftime show?

Lady Gaga headlined the Super Bowl LI halftime show on Sunday, February 5. She was the second female artist to headline the halftime show, after Janet Jackson in 2004.

Gaga’s performance had a political theme, with several references to the United States’ new president, Donald Trump. She began the show by singing "This Land is Your Land" and ended with a performance of "Born This Way".

The halftime show was generally well-received, with some calling it one of the best in recent memory. However, there was some criticism of Gaga’s political statements, with some viewers feeling that the show was too political for a sporting event.

What was the most famous Super Bowl halftime show?

Since 1967, the Super Bowl halftime show has been a mainstay of the biggest annual American football game. Many famous musicians and entertainers have taken the stage over the years, but which one was the most famous?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as different people may have different opinions. However, there are several halftime shows that could be considered the most famous. One example is the 1993 halftime show, which featured Michael Jackson and his brothers. This show was particularly notable because it was Jackson’s first time performing at the Super Bowl, and his energetic and impressive performance was widely praised.

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Another famous halftime show was the 2004 show, which featured Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake. This show generated a lot of controversy because Jackson’s breast was briefly exposed during a dance number with Timberlake. This moment made headlines and generated a great deal of discussion, both positive and negative, about the halftime show.

Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide which Super Bowl halftime show was the most famous. There have been many great performances over the years, and all of them are worth watching.

What is the most watched Super Bowl halftime show?

The Super Bowl halftime show is a major event that takes place every year as part of the Super Bowl. Many famous performers have taken the stage for the halftime show, and the show has become increasingly popular over the years.

The most watched Super Bowl halftime show was the Michael Jackson show in 1993. According to Nielsen, more than 115 million viewers tuned in to watch Jackson perform. The show was highly praised by fans and critics, and it is often considered to be one of the best halftime shows in Super Bowl history.

Other highly watched halftime shows include the Madonna show in 2012, which was watched by more than 114 million people, and the Beyonce show in 2016, which was watched by more than 104 million people. These shows are all a testament to the growing popularity of the Super Bowl halftime show.

The halftime show is a major event that is sure to entertain football fans and music fans alike. With its mix of popular performers and exciting music, the halftime show is a must-watch for anyone who wants to experience the excitement of the Super Bowl.

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How much did Dr Dre pay for Super Bowl?

It has been reported that Dr Dre paid $2 million for a commercial spot during this year’s Super Bowl. The ad will promote Dr Dre’s upcoming album, "Compton." This is a major investment for the music producer, who is no stranger to shelling out big bucks for Super Bowl ads. In 2004, he paid $3 million for a commercial spot to promote his Beats by Dre headphones.

This year’s Super Bowl is set to be one of the most watched television events in history, and Dr Dre is hoping to take advantage of that by debuting his new album during the game. "Compton" is scheduled for release on August 7th, and the Super Bowl commercial will give Dre a major platform to promote it.

The 30-second ad will reportedly feature Dr Dre and rapper Kendrick Lamar. It is not yet clear what the commercial will entail, but it is sure to be a major production, given the high cost of the spot.

Dr Dre is no stranger to controversy, and it is possible that his Super Bowl ad will attract some negative attention. His past ads have been criticized for being sexist and violent. However, it is also possible that the commercial will be well-received, and that "Compton" will be a major success.