How To Disable New Discord Sounds8 min read

Sep 1, 2022 6 min

How To Disable New Discord Sounds8 min read

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Discord is a communication app for gamers that is growing in popularity. Recently, Discord released a new update that included new sounds. Some users are finding the new sounds annoying and want to know how to disable them.

There are two ways to disable the new Discord sounds. The first way is to disable them in the settings. To do this, open Discord and click on the gear icon in the bottom left corner. Scroll down and click on “Sound & Music.” Under the “Discord Sounds” section, disable the “Play New Sounds” checkbox.

The second way to disable the new Discord sounds is to use a third-party program. One popular program that does this is called “Discord Overlay.” To use Discord Overlay, first open Discord and make sure you are in the server you want to overlay. Next, open Discord Overlay and click on the “+” button. A list of servers will appear. Click on the server you want to overlay and the overlay will open.

In the upper right corner of the overlay, you will see a sound icon. If you click on the sound icon, you will see a list of the new Discord sounds. To disable a sound, click on the “x” next to the sound. You can also disable all of the new Discord sounds by clicking on the “Disable All” button.

How do I turn off seasonal Discord sounds?

Discord is a great way to communicate with friends and family during the holidays, but some people may find the seasonal sounds a bit too loud or annoying. Here’s how to turn them off:

First, open Discord and click on the User Settings icon in the bottom left corner of the window.

From the menu that pops up, select the Voice & Video tab.

Under the Playback section, uncheck the boxes next to the seasonal sounds you want to disable.

Click the OK button and you’re done!

Why does my Discord keep making noises?

Discord is a VoIP and chat app that lets you communicate with your friends and co-workers in real time. It’s a great app for gaming communities and businesses, but it can also be used for personal communication. While Discord is a great app, some users have been reporting that their Discord client is making strange noises. In this article, we’ll explore some of the reasons why your Discord client might be making noises, and we’ll provide some solutions to fix the issue.

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One of the most common reasons for why Discord might be making noises is that your microphone is too loud. If your microphone is too loud, it can cause feedback and white noise in your Discord client. This can be remedied by lowering the microphone’s volume in your system settings. Alternatively, you can try using a headset with a built-in microphone. This will help to reduce the amount of noise that is being transmitted to your Discord client.

Another common reason for why Discord might be making noises is that your computer is low on resources. If your computer doesn’t have enough resources to run Discord properly, it can cause the app to make strange noises. This can be remedied by closing other apps that are running in the background, or by upgrading your computer’s hardware.

If none of the solutions listed above solve the issue, then it’s possible that there is something wrong with your Discord client. In this case, you can try reinstalling the app, or you can contact the Discord support team for help.

Hopefully, this article has helped you to understand why your Discord client is making noises, and it has given you some solutions to fix the issue. Thanks for reading!

How do I get my old Discord sound back?

Discord is a chat app designed for gamers, which means that it has a built-in voice chat feature. This can be great for communicating with your friends during a game, but what happens if you want to switch back to your old chat app?

Luckily, it’s easy to get your old Discord sound back. Just follow these steps:

1. Open Discord and click on the settings icon in the bottom-left corner.

2. Select ‘Voice & Video’ from the menu on the left-hand side.

3. Under ‘Voice settings’, you should see a slider that allows you to adjust the volume of your microphone and headset.

4. Slide the ‘Microphone’ and ‘Headset’ sliders all the way to the left to turn them off.

5. Close Discord and reopen it.

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6. You should now see a ‘Playback’ tab in the ‘Voice & Video’ settings.

7. In the ‘Playback’ tab, you should see a list of apps that are currently using your microphone.

8. Select the app that you want to use your old Discord sound with and click on the ‘Change’ button.

9. Select ‘Discord’ from the list of apps and click on the ‘OK’ button.

10. Close Discord and reopen it.

You should now be able to hear your friends’ voices through your old chat app.

How do I turn off annoying notifications on Discord?

Discord is a chat app with a following of millions of users. While it is a great app for communicating with friends and colleagues, it can also be very annoying when you are constantly getting notifications for messages and voice chats. Here is how to turn off notifications on Discord.

To turn off notifications on Discord, first open the Discord app. Then, navigate to the Menu Bar at the top of the screen and select "Settings". From there, select "Notifications" and then uncheck the boxes next to the types of notifications you would like to turn off.

You can also turn off specific notifications on a per-channel basis. To do this, open the channel and select the "More" tab. Then, select "Notifications" and uncheck the boxes next to the types of notifications you would like to turn off.

Finally, you can also mute specific users on Discord. To do this, open the user’s profile and select the "Mute" button. This will mute all notifications from that user, including messages, voice chats, and highlights.

Why is my Discord making Christmas noises?

Christmas is a time for celebration and spending time with family and friends. For some people, this also includes enjoying some Christmas music. But what if your Discord server is suddenly filled with Christmas noises?

One possible explanation is that a Discord user has set up a Christmas bot. This is a bot that runs a script that automatically plays Christmas music or other festive noises. If this is the case, it can be difficult to get the bot to stop playing Christmas music, especially if the bot is popular among the server’s users.

If you are not a fan of Christmas music, there are a few things you can do to try to get the bot to stop playing it. One is to report the bot to Discord. This will let the Discord team know that there is a bot playing Christmas music on a server and they may be able to take action to get it removed.

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Another option is to join the server’s chat and type the command !stop. This will stop the bot from playing Christmas music for the time being. However, the bot may start playing music again if it is left unchecked.

If you are having trouble getting the bot to stop playing music, you may want to consider leaving the server. This may be the best option if you don’t want to deal with the Christmas music constantly playing.

Whatever you decide to do, just be sure to be respectful of others who may want to enjoy the Christmas music. After all, it is Christmas!

How do I get rid of Discord winter sounds?

Discord winter sounds can be pretty annoying. Here’s how to get rid of them.

Open Discord and click on the user settings icon in the bottom left corner of the main window.

Select the Voice & Video tab and uncheck the Enable Winter Sounds box.

Click on the OK button to save your changes.

You should now no longer hear the winter sounds in Discord.

Where is Discord notification coming from?

Discord notifications can be a little confusing, as they can come from a variety of sources. In this article, we’ll take a look at where they can come from, and how to determine which notifications are from which source.

The first place to check for notifications is the Bell icon in the upper-right corner of the Discord app. This icon will be red if you have any unread notifications.

Notifications can also be sent to your phone or desktop, depending on your settings. To change these settings, click on the Menu button in the top-left corner of the Discord app and select ‘Notifications’.

From there, you can choose which devices you want to receive notifications from, and what type of notifications you want to receive.

By default, notifications will come from the Discord app, but you can also enable notifications from websites, email, or other apps.

Notifications from Discord can be helpful, but they can also be overwhelming if you’re not careful about which ones you enable. By taking a few minutes to configure your notification settings, you can make sure that you’re only getting the notifications that you care about.